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Hong Kong
Hong Kong
DestinationHong Kong

Some call it New York City on steroids, but this island nation cum “special administrative region” of China possesses an exquisite madness of its own. SoHo means South of Hollywood Road and billboards are ruled by none other than celebrity cram school tutors – holla back, Amy Chua!

Hong Kong

How it all began

In 2012, two women in Hong Kong left their respective offices -a French luxury group and an American investment bank- to meet at a coffee shop that had already closed for the night. Unfazed by security warnings, the brazen 25-year-olds sat down anyway and chatted animatedly about the unique finds they had discovered on their latest travels and lamented the lack of access to local design talent. A series of covert late-night break-ins later, armed with all but a fistful of napkins, the pair quit their jobs to set out full-time to find a solution. The rest, as they say, is history.